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Beverly International Genius School is a renowned educational institution located in the heart of a thriving community. It is widely recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and all-round development of its students. The institution was established by a group of pioneering educators and philanthropists who envisioned a nurturing and stimulating educational environment that empowers students to achieve their full potential.
The faculty at Beverly International Genius School comprises a team of carefully selected experts in their respective fields. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, and their commitment to excellence is reflected in their efforts to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that enables students to excel academically, socially, and emotionally.
Beverly International Genius School is more than just an academic institution; it is a community that values integrity, empathy, and innovation. The school strives to shape well-rounded individuals, preparing them to be thoughtful, responsible, and innovative leaders of the future.
As Beverly International Genius School looks to the future, it continues to evolve, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the educational experience of its students. Its unwavering dedication to academic excellence, innovation, and global citizenship cements its status as one of the world’s premier educational institutions.

It is an honour to be a part of and to witness how our school has grown from its humble beginning and with the will of Allah it will continue growing!


The Route to Genius Program is designed to support and challenge students with a passion for intellectual growth and innovation, offering a diverse range of learning experiences, advanced skill development opportunities, and interdisciplinary projects that aim to inspire and empower them on their journey towards peak intellectual excellence and the realization of their genius potential.

Vision & Mission

Creating the right scholastic environment will ultimately benefit the students. In the right surroundings and with the right support they can be motivated to reach up and grab life's greatest opportunities. We design and manage activities that work to build a community, teach a 'more we, less I' approach, and foster a collaborative work culture in a fun and friendly environment.


The Route to Genius Program is guided by a philosophy that celebrates the diversity of human potential and recognizes that genius manifests in myriad forms. We believe that intelligence is multi-faceted, dynamic, and accessible to all who approach learning with passion, dedication, and an open mind. Our program is grounded in the belief that every student has the capacity for brilliance and that it is our role to provide the necessary tools, opportunities, and support to nurture and amplify that brilliance.
Central to our philosophy is the idea that true genius stems from a combination of knowledge, creativity, empathy, and perseverance. We encourage students to explore a wide range of disciplines, think critically, question assumptions, and approach challenges with resilience and determination. By fostering a growth mindset and a love of learning, we aim to cultivate in our students a lifelong curiosity and a commitment to excellence in all their endeavours.
Our philosophy is also rooted in the belief that collaboration, community, and diversity enrich the educational experience. We value the exchange of ideas, the sharing of perspectives, and the learning that occurs through meaningful interactions with peers and mentors. By building a supportive and inclusive environment, we aim to inspire students to learn from one another, celebrate each other’s successes, and grow together as a cohesive and empowered community of learners.
Above all, the Route to Genius Program is founded on the principle that genius is not a destination but a journey—a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. We believe that by empowering students to embrace their unique gifts, overcome challenges, and pursue their passions with purpose and determination, we can help them unlock their full potential and become the architects of their own extraordinary futures. Our philosophy is a testament to the belief that within each student lies a spark of genius waiting to ignite, and it is our privilege to fan that spark into a flame of brilliance that illuminates the path to greatness.

What is BIGs

Bespoke Learning Paths

The Route to Genius Program offers bespoke learning paths tailored to each student's strengths, interests, and goals. By customizing the educational journey, students receive individualized support to maximize their potential and excel in areas aligned with their unique talents.

Islamic Innovative Curriculum

The program features an innovative curriculum that goes beyond Islamic education, incorporating cutting-edge teaching methods, interdisciplinary approaches, and hands-on learning experiences. It seeks to prepare students not just academically and spiritually, but also socially and emotionally, to navigate the challenges of the modern world while staying true to their Islamic identity. By embracing innovation, students are challenged to think creatively, adapt to new technologies, and explore emerging fields of study.

Goal-Oriented Mentoring

Students in the Route to Genius Program benefit from goal-oriented mentoring, where experienced mentors guide them in setting and achieving ambitious academic and personal goals. Through strategic planning, regular feedback, and accountability, students are empowered to make progress toward realizing their genius potential.

Strategic Skill Development

The program emphasizes strategic skill development in critical areas such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and resilience. By honing these essential skills, students are equipped with the tools needed to navigate challenges, work effectively in teams, and thrive in diverse academic and professional settings.

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